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What is a bond in Missouri criminal court?

A bond is used to guarantee that an individual arrested and charged with a criminal offense will appear in court.  Often, family and friends post bond so that the individual charged with the crime can be released from law enforcement custody.   Failing to appear in court can result in the bond being forfeited.   Generally, you are told when you are to appear in court upon your release from law enforcement custody. 


What happens when you see the judge for bond in Missouri?

In Missouri, once an individual is arrested and placed in jail, a judge has 48 hours to set their bond.  The bond is usually set at an initial appearance.  The initial appearance is a short hearing on the matter that can occur in person or via video.  If the accused appears in person, law enforcement will transport the individual to the courthouse to appear before the court.  When setting bonds, judges must consider the conditions of release that are non-monetary and nonrestrictive as possible in order to secure the individual at trial.  

At the bond hearing, a Kansas City criminal defense attorney from our office can argue on your behalf reasons the judge should consider to lower your bond so that it can be more affordable to pay and be released.  Additionally, a Kansas City criminal defense attorney can argue your ties to the local community and are not a flight risk and very likely to show for your next court hearing.  Generally, for the judge to give strong consideration to these arguments, there must be an absent of the following:

  •  not have an outstanding warrant
  •  not have been arrested again while you were already out on a promise to appear, bail, or OR
  •  not on probation or parole
  •  have not failed to appear for court dates in the past
  •  have no immigration problems
  •  were not arrested for a violent crime
  •  were not arrested with weapons in your possession

In some cases, if you qualify, we can argue to the court and request that you be released on your own recognizance (ROR), a form of release that is based on your promise to appear and requires no bail.  Based on the circumstances, ROR may require minimal supervision and will be based on the type of offense you are charged with.

How can we get help with a bond in Missouri criminal court?

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